Is Fenugeek Really a Testosterone Booster ?


There are many testosterone boosters on the market that claim to increase your overall level of testosterone and assist in strength and size as well as sexual functions.  Fenugreek claims to be a testosterone booster. Fenugreek is a herb that is native to Africa, Asia, and the middle east. It is used in many dishes and for some medicinal purposes as well. Here we will look at both the effects that this supplement may have on testosterone level, sexual functions, as well as health and performance.

Is fenugreek really a testosterone booster ?

You see this product advertised for use as a testosterone booster. It is supposed to help through increasing size and strength. There may or may not be some truth to this. Two studies were conducted on the athletic population which had experience in resistance training, one looking at changes in body composition and strength, while the other focused on testosterone levels.

The study which looked at the effects on strength and size used a placebo group and a group that took fenugreek. Results showed a significant increase in lean body mass, and decrease in body fat percentage (1,16) for the supplement group, with no differences being seen in strength.(16). For the study concerning testosterone levels in healthy athletes, results showed no effect on anabolic hormone levels for the subjects taking the fenugreek. (15) It has also been shown to possible help with creatine uptake, replacing the carbohydrates that are needed for creatine transportation after a workout (14)

Although an increase in lean body mass was seen in one of the studies, because no significant increase in testosterone was seen, this would lead me to question the factor involved in the weight gain that was seen. The subjects  eating habits, as well as experience in weight training could effected the weight gained without an increase in strength. Results may be different for the general population with resistance training, but no studies were found on this.  Therefore, more studies on the general population may need to be done.

Effects on endocrine system and sexual desires

Although the previous study mentioned saw no change in hormonal levels, the results could have been due to the fact that the subjects were the athletic population, many of which were already at a high level of fitness. Other studies that have been done have shown possible positive results when taking fenugreek for both the male and female population.

Two studies used what’s called an AMS scale or aging male symptoms questionnaire (2,5) but one of these went into more detail through the use of other questionnaires as well in order to test testosterone deficiency syndrome. These included questionnaires on stress levels, an androgen deficiency questionnaire, and an erectile function perceived scale. (2) The results for both of these studies found an increase in testosterone levels and frequency of sexual activity when the fengureek was taken, as well as a change in erectile disfunction and a decrease in level of stress. In one study (2) the level of percieved androgen questionaire actually dropped, which would lead to me questioning the ligitimacy of using questionaires such as these. Using fenugreek without using any questionaires and only testing the testosterone levels of subjects also showed a positive change in levels of testosterone, and sperm count (4).  Sexual arousal and orgasms also increasing while maintaining testosterone levels (12). It has even been shown to help assist in testicular damage when exposed to certain things (10). This sounds somewhat promising for use as a testosterone booster. 

Other factors should probably be taken into consideration as well when looking at results of studies such as these.
Variables such as the number of subjects used, the length of the study, as well as the dosage given per day were different for each study. These could all play a possible role in the results that were seen. Although these tests sound promising concerning the use of fenugreek as a testosterone booster, more research may need to be done.

Can it help ladies

Not only does fenugreek help men with sexual functions, but it may also be useful for the female population as well. Studies have shown fenugreek to be effective on the sexual function of women, improving their quality of life, and an improvement in desire and sexual arousal (9). It has even been shown to assist in symptoms of menopause through decreasing them (3), as well as  the disorder of polycistic ovarian syndrome. In one study results showed a decrease in the number of cysts, their size, and even some having complete dissociation of the cysts all together. (6)

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Other possible medical conditions

It has even been shown for this supplement to help with insulin related issues (7), increasing insulin sensitivity improving its’ effeciency and even decreasing the fat absorbtion in the obese (8). It may even be possible to use it when treating breast cancer (13). In another study, two groups were tested, one which already had diabetes, with the other group being prone to possibly becoming diabetic. Results showed an anti diabetic effect for those that were prone to possibly developing diabetes, with an anti diabetic efficiency in those that already had diabetes (11).


Overall, the supplement of fenugreek has been shown to assist mainly with sexual arousal and not as a testosterone booster. This includes both in the male and female population. It even assist with menopause and diabetes. Although these positive effects were seen through the use of this supplement, speak with your doctor before taking any type of supplement, especially if you have a medical condition.