Different Types of Massage

There are many forms and types of natural therapies. One of these is massage therapy. Many different types of massage therapy exist as well. Many of these therapies originated in the east in countries like China and Japan.

Here we cover a few basic types of massage. Massage therapy in many places is thought to be similar to acupuncture as in an alternative to medicine. These therapies have their purposes and unique techniques that are used for each type. There are over eighty different styles that can be used for anything from relieving stress, to post injury.

Concerning the history of massage therapy and the types of massage, there are books which go as far back as three thousand BC that first mention the use of massage therapy. Massage therapy has been used in the Olympic sports, and for certain types of medical conditions. Two of these include seizures, and psychological issues. Sigmund Freud which is thought to have discovered many types of psychological disorders even considered massage as a type of treatment. Massage was first taught in china as far back as one hundred AD. It was presented to the scientific community in the united states in the eighteen fifties, and by the nineteen thirties, hospitals and physical therapists were using is. These are only a few of the historical points of massage therapy. Here are some basic types of massage therapy that are being used today.

1. Swedish massage therapy

This is one of the most common types of massage therapy. When you get a Swedish massage, it involves very long strokes and kneading of the muscles. This includes different strokes from smooth and gliding, to squeezing, and deep tissue massage.

2. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is one of the types of massage that can be very helpful in reducing specific painful spots within the body. This involves a very slow movement while focusing on specific pressure points. Deep tissue massage is helpful for general tension or pain whether it is acute or chronic.

3. Sports massage

Sports massage is great for almost any type of athletic activity. Using massage as a therapy for sports will help both in treating, and preventing any muscular or tendon injury. Sports massage is also used before, during, and after training as well. When used post training, this helps in relaxing the muscle and possibly decreasing the recovery time needed between workouts.

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4. Chair massage

Chair massage is one of the types of massage that you see taking place like airports and other public places. Unlike some types of massage therapy where you are required to take off your clothes and lay down, chair massage allows you to keep your cloths on, while sitting in a special chair made specifically for massage therapy. Here the focus is on the shoulders, back, arms, and hands.

5. Shiatsu massage

This type of massage uses what is known as finger pressure. This places varied rhythmic pressures on specific body parts which are known as acupressure points.

6. Thia massage

When someone is getting this type of massage, the therapist uses their body in order to move the client into numerous positions depending on the muscles that are being worked. Here, both joint mobilization, and muscle compression is focused on.


7. Hot Stone

Hot stone massage uses warm stones, placing them on certain parts of the body. This can be used as a general massage tool, or it can be used for general relaxation purposes. Due to the warmth and heat of the stones, this allows an increase in blood flow to the muscles, allowing them to become less tense and relax more.

8. Reflexology

This type of massage uses hand, thumb, and finger techniques in order to stimulate specific areas of the feet. This can also be used with other body parts as well.

9. Pregnancy

Using massage for pregnancy allows the body to adjust to specific changes that occur during pregnancy. The decrease in stress and swelling that massage man bring will also help decrease both muscle and joint pain. Massage during pregnancy may even be a good substitute for pain medications that may be limited.

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The previous types of massage therapy mentioned are only some of many types of massage techniques that are used today. It is interesting to know that many times some types of massage therapy may be used as a substitute for some medical treatments. Massage is a good therapy to use for anything from general stress and pain, to certain medical conditions, and overall should be considered a part of ones’ health routine through having at least one a year in order to relieve any stress you may have.