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If you’re looking to lose weight, staying active is only part of the solution. The amount of and what you eat is the majority of what determines wether or not weight loss will occur. Here are some videos of different healthy styles of eating that should help in developing good eating habits.

Keeping track of your eating habits is also now easier with different free online apps that are available. This makes it easy and quick to keep a food journal and changes that may need to be made over time. A nutrition application is provided as part of your training when you purchase any training program.

Here are some videos that should be of assistance to you concerning how things work while you’re on the ketogenic diet. 

What is it ? 


It can be hard at times to stay with the right eating habits. Here are some resources that give good recipes that follow the ketogenic diet.  These recipes should help you stay on track in achieving your goals.

How it works

Here are some basic videos that explain how this way of eating effects the body as well as the positive and negative effects of following such a program.



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