Positive Effects of Vitamins on the Body

Vitamins are a natural part of the food and nutrients that we consume, but because so many people do not eat enough nutrients that have vitamins that we need in them, supplements are sometimes required.

Multi vitamins are made in order for you to get the vitamins needed for good health. There are a number of different individual vitamins, but most of the vitamin supplements that you see are multi vitamins which is probably the best unless you have a specific condition that needs to be addressed. Here we will cover some differences in vitamins and the positive effects of vitamins on the body.


What are the different types of vitamins ?

You have two separate types of vitamins that are used by the body differently. These are water soluble as well as fat soluble. Water soluble vitamins include the B complex vitamins, as well as vitamin C. Concerning vitamins that are fat soluble, these include vitamins A, D, E, and K. The amount of vitamins that you take in shouldn’t be of concern with vitamins that are water soluble since any excess that you have taken in will come out in your urine. It is the fat soluble vitamins that it is possible to get an overdose on.

One vitamin that you can not even get from a pill is that of vitamin D. This vitamin is taken in from the sun. This means that if you are not in the sun enough, you may have an insufficient level of vitamin D in your system. Below are some general descriptions of the different vitamins, and the effects of vitamins on the body. This includes any deficiency or lack of the vitamin and the results. Although there are very few of the conditions seen, it is still important to know what the possible side effects of vitamin defienancy can have on your health.


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Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also known as beta carotene. This helps with your eyes, soft tissue, as well as keeping your skin healthy. Good sources of vitamin a include: Apricots, cantelope, carrots, peaches, spinach, and tomatoes.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin A can cause what is known as night blindness: This is where it is impossible to see in the dim light. This condition still effects 1/3 of all children. Although a lack of this vitamin is bad, an overdose is also possible. Carrots are a main food that is suggested to get a good serving of this vitamin.


Vitamin B-1

This vitamin is also known as thiamine. It is found in legumes, cereal, rice, pork, oranges, and nuts. It is an important factor in helping with the nervous system such as the muscles, brain, and the heart.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-1 can lead to a condition known as beriberi. This includes symptoms of weight loss, weakness, brain damage, irregular heart rate, heart failure, and even death.


Vitamin B-2

This vitamin is also known as riboflavin. It can be found in rice, mushrooms, grains, eggs, broccoli, yogurt or spinach. This vitamin can be destroyed by light so it should be kept away from light to preserve the nutrients. Vitamin B 2 helps you maintain a healthy nervous system, and protects you from free radicals.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-2 can lead to a condition known as ariboflavinosis. You also see this at times in alcoholics. Symptoms include a bright tounge, swollen throat, and bloodshot eyes. If left untreated, this can lead to coma and eventually death. Deficiency in this vitamin are very rare though.



Vitamin B-3

This vitamin is also known as niacin. It can be found in green vegetables, grains, milk, as well as meats. It is involved with the production of sex hormones, and assists in blood circulation.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-3 can lead to what is known as pellagra. This condition involves dirreah, dermatitis, dementia, and even death.




Vitamin B-5

Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B-5 is involved with the production of stress hormones, production of red blood cells, and the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-5 can lead to what is known as paraesthesia. This is normally only seen in a population that is starving since this vitamin is found in almost all foods. This condition consists of a numbing sensation of pins and needles. This is something that occurs constantly.



Vitamin B-6

This vitamin is very important since it helps both the brain and body convert food into energy. Good sources of vitamin B-6 include fish, potatoes, avocados, bananas, and meats.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-6 can lead to some neurological conditions. These include mood swings, behavior, intestinal function, seizures, hormonal imbalance, and other symptoms as well.



Vitamin B-7

Otherwise known as biotin, vitamin B-7 plays a role in the metabolism of all three macro nutrients: Carbohydrate, proteins, and fats. It is also involved in the process of gluconeogenesis which is the process of using nutrients other than carbohydrates for fuel. Therefore, this vitamin is very important when it comes to metabolic functions of the body.

Malnutrition: A lack of biotin can lead to symptoms of rashes, hair loss, anemia, or mental conditions. Since this vitamin can be found in things such as meats, dairy, and nuts, this condition is quite rare.



Vitamin B-9

Also known as folic acid, this vitamin is responsible for production of new cells. It is of particular importance during pregnancy that enough is consumed to prevent any possible birth defects. Good sources include green vegetables, dried beans, fruit, nuts, and peas.

Malnutrition: A lack of this vitamin can lead to heart palpation, birth defects, infertility, and sterility. A lack of this vitamin also increases with age and is seen in alcoholics. Signs of this can be headache, nausea, irritability, fatigue, acne, and even memory loss.


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Vitamin B-12

Helps with DNA and RNA, prevents DNA changes that could lead to cancer. It also protects against birth defects such as spina bifida. Good sources include leafy green vegetables, asparagus, citrus fruits, melons, eggs, and black beans.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin B-12 can lead to what is known as hypocobalaminemia: This consists of symptoms of an auto immune disease. This involves the deterioration of the brain and spinal cord as well as fatigue, irritability, and depression, psychosis, and mania. These effects are not reversible. This is common in anyone that consumes very few animal products. This means that one who is a vegan may be more at risk and should consume a multi vitamin.



Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as asorbic acid. This helps in healing wounds, as well as forming red blood cells. Vitamin c will also help you stay more alert. Good sources of vitamin c include: broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, as well as strawberries.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin C can lead to what is known as scurvy. Symptoms of this include lethargy, skin spots, bleeding gums, tooth decay, fever, and even death.



Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important because it assists with moving calcium into the blood stream. If you don’t have enough vitamin D, calcium will be taken from your bones which can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis. This can be found in eggs, or fish, but the only true source of vitamin D can be absorbed from the sun.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin D can lead to what is called rickets. This condition is normally found in children. It involves the muscles and bones becoming soft. This also leads to a lack of calcium since vitamin D is needed for calcium to be absorbed. This vitamin can only be used in its active form which comes from the sunlight.



Vitamin E

Vitamin E can help slow the signs of aging by protecting the body from free radicals. These are what break your cells apart. Good sources of vitamin e include corn, peanut butter, as well as sunflower seeds.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin E can lead to neurological nervous system problems. This also includes a lessening or lack of control of the use of the muscles. This is very rare though since this vitamin is fat soluble.


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Vitamin K

Vitamin K assist in strengthening your bones and assisting with blood clotting. Good sources of this vitamin include green vegetables as well as fish oils.

Malnutrition: A lack of vitamin K can lead to an under developed face, and bones. This is found in newborns usually born outside of the hospital.


Normal supplements vs time release pills

Just as you see with many medications, vitamins can be made to either be put directly into your system, or to be time released. Here is a review of some better brands of Vitamins that are made today. Also, vitamins not only help in your daily activities and biological functioning, but have been shown to assist in specific conditions as well such as alzheimers.

One specific type of vitamin that you see is called a pre natal vitamin. A woman should take these prior to and while pregnant in order to assure the correct amount of nutrients are received. These are thought to decrease the chances of some medical conditions from occurring. If these vitamins are not taken, the chances of a birth defect occurring is much higher. This is what makes prenatal vitamins so important.

Specific vitamins are thought to even assist in the prevention of certain cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Concerning the type, time release vitamins are thought to actually cause more possible harm than good. It is probably better just to stay with your normal vitamin since this is the case.



Supplements or Natural foods ?

Due to the number of different food sources that contain vitamins, a supplement is not neccessiraly needed, although it is good at times to use vitamin supplements just to be safe. Because of previous laws that were passed by the food and drug administration, all processed foods must have a nutrient label on it. This includes information such as calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as percentage of daily value of vitamins that the product contains. Because most of the processed foods that you purchase have been fortified with vitamins, this decreases the chance of lacking certain vitamins. This means that overall, normal foods probably contain the vitamins needed for normal function.


Overall, the effects of vitamins and minerals on the body allow for a good overall level of health. The vitamins needed to function normally are readily available in  foods, or can be found in the form of supplements. Although vitamin supplements are good, the foods in your diet should allow you to get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals needed to function normally.