The Easiest Way to Measure Body Fat

There are numerous ways to lose body fat, but also ways to test your body composition concerning fat and overall body weight. Although you have to account for other factors such as your bones and organs, body composition testing gives a very accurate measure of your body fat.

There are numerous ways to test your level of body fat. Many of these involve another individual having to do the testing. There are other ways as well. Whats the easiest way to measure body fat you may ask.  Here we will discuss using what is called bioelectircal impedance to measure your body composition. Although it is not the most accurate way of testing, it is the easiest way to measure body fat.

What is bio electrical impedance ?

Bioelectrical impedance is a form of body composition testing where a very small electrical current is run through the body in order to measure the conduction of electricity within the body. This allows you to get a general reading of your body composition. In order for the test to be accurate, you must first make sure that you are properly hydrated both with water and electrolytes.

If your body does not have the electrolytes needed, the reading will be very inaccurate. This system of testing works through the fact that lean muscle tissue is a much better conductor of electricity than fat. This is due to the difference in density. With fat being much denser than muscle, the electricity is not able to pass through the tissue as easily.

This is where hydration comes in as being important since your muscle is made of 85% water. This is probably the easiest way to measure body fat. In order to get an accurate reading, you must first put in general information such as your height and weight.

Devices used

There are two different devices that are used to conduct a bio electrical impedance test. This includes either a scale which you stand on, or a hand held device. Obviously the hand held device is much more convenient since it can be carried with you, while a scale can be used only at home.

If you only want to test yourself periodically, a scale may be your best choice, but if you want to do this on more of a set schedule, I would advise to use the handheld device. Bioelectrical impedance machines are made in many brands and models. It just depends on whether you want only general information, or more specifics. Depending on your needs, you may have to pay more. Here are just some bio electrical body composition machines that are produced.


Tanita is the first company that came out with the original body fat analyzer scale in 1994. The technology that is used is bar none when compared to other manufactures. Tanita devices measure both intracellular, extra cellular, and total body water. They also do this with using up to six different frequencies which makes the measurement more accurate.


The Tanita ironman body composition scale is great for anyone that is into fitness and wants to keep track of their fitness goals. This would be best suited for anyone that has a lifestyle of working out and staying in shape. It measures weight, body fat, muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, and even basel metabolic rate. It can also track up to four people.


These body composition monitors will allow you to keep track of your overall level of fitness and help you in reaching your fitness goals.


This body fat monitor is hand held which makes it very portable. It uses metal strips on the sides of the handles similar to those that measure your heart rate on a cardio machine. This is great for anyone that normally goes to the gym for a workout, or out for a run. It even comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee.


This body fat monitor is unique in the sense that it uses sensors for both arms and legs, while most scale based monitors only send signals through the legs, this monitor has a hand held device built in, increasing the accuracy. Its very simple to use, and can store data for up to four people. It measures body weight, age, resting metabolism, body fat, as well as lean mass.

Weight guru digital

If you want to go high tech, this may be the product for you. The weight guru digital scale is compatible with blue tooth, WiFi, apple health, fit bit, as well as other applications. You’re able to send information straight to your phone. It allows you to track your weight, body mass index, body fat, muscle mass, and even water weight. It even comes with a 5 year warranty. The weight guru digital is challenging to set up, but when it is functioning properly, its easy to use.

Fit bit aria Wi-Fi smart scale

This is another WiFi scale that will work with your fit bit device. It accurately measures your weight, body composition, as well as body mass index. Your able to upload the information to your fit bit each time you step on the scale. It has enough memory for up to eight people. It has been reported though for there to be an inaccurate measurement of body fat percentage, so I may question this.

Eat Smart Precision

This scale has all the basic functions that you need in order to measure your level of health. It measures your body fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, weight, and percentage of water. It does have a weight limit of 400 lbs, and it measures in either pounds or kilograms. There is also enough memory to store information for up to eight people.

Immune Tree - The Official Brand

Withings WS 50 Wi-Fi

This scale gives very accurate weight and body mass index measurements. It also allows you to track your progression on your smart phone. To use this scale, you must have an android or an apple device in order to set it up. It is even able to detect the specific person on the scale, and uses multiple web services as well. I would only error on caution because it has been said to be somewhat inaccurate when it comes to body composition.

There are so many digital body composition scales that it is difficult to choose the correct one for you. If I was looking for a basic scale to measure body fat, the omron HBF 514-c is a great choice since it measures using both arms and legs. Depending on how much you want to spend, the simplest scale that connects to your computer is probably the Guru digital. The hand held device is also convenient if you want to take it with you for a workout.

Overall, each of these scales are good, it just depends on your goals and how often you want to keep track of them that may determine which is best for you.