Losing Weight Naturally

There are many “weight loss” supplements on the market that claim you will lose weight if you take it. Although this may have some truth to it, most of the supplements that are being sold will help more with losing water weight instead of body fat. There are a few that may supposedly work, but more research is still needed. Instead of using pills for weight loss, losing weight naturally is possible through watching the foods you consume. Here are some factors about weight loss which will help you lose weight in a more natural and healthy way.




As everyone knows, the main factor in weight loss has to do with the type of foods that you consume. This means doing the best you can at staying away from foods restaurants serve that are fried and high in cholesterol and sodium. Many of the foods served at restaurants are unhealthy, but there are also some healthy choices available. Just make sure you consume more natural foods with proteins that are low in fat.

Losing weight naturally involves consumption of healthy foods concerning the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins they contain. Although carbohydrates are being publicized as being unhealthy and you should avoid them, this is not totally true. It is not the overall amount, but the type of carbohydrates that are consumed. These are broken down into two types, complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed slower into your system, and simple carbohydrates which are absorbed at a faster rate. In losing weight naturally, it is much healthier to stay away from the simple carbohydrates which include substances like soft drinks, candy, and most processed foods that are on the market. It is much healthier to consume complex carbohydrates which consist of things such as grains and vegetables.


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Since this is true, it is only possible to have a healthy diet low in carbohydrates because grains and vegetables have fewer carbohydrates and consist more of fiber. This makes it nearly impossible to consume a high amount of carbohydrates. This means that the majority of carbohydrates that one consumes during a day probably comes from simple sugars.

One thing that assists you in losing weight naturally includes staying on a schedule. This includes both times that you eat during the day, and when you are active and workout. This allows the body to stay on a general schedule and almost know when these meals are going to be consumed, while maintaining a more constant level of blood sugar.

When most people think of meals during a day, you think of having three meals. Although this may seem normal, if you want to lose weight, this is not the way to do it. Your body has a higher rate of digestion and use of food if you consume smaller meals throughout the day. This means having around five or six meals a day instead of three. These meals do not all have to all be foods, but can be in the form of a nutritional supplement and should be thought more of as a small snack in between meals. Using a protein supplement that is low in sugar and uses a good protein source such as casein, whey, or egg whites is the best thing to use.





Consuming smaller meals will allow you to burn more calories at a higher rate than you would if you only had three meals a day. This assists in losing weight naturally because six meals a day allows your body to have a more steady level of blood sugar during the day, and while you sleep. A smaller meal closer to bedtime will allow your blood sugar not to drop as much during sleep. Here is a general example of this for a person that is consuming a total of 1800 calories a day concerning calories per meal.

3 Meals: 600 calories/meal

6 meals: 300 calories/meal

You can also change the amount of calories consumed each meal depending on the activity level during the day instead of consuming the same number of calories each meal. Here you would want to consume more of the calories just prior to and after the busiest part of your day. This should assist you in losing weight naturally.




Concerning other nutrients such as proteins and fats, you should stay away from proteins that are high in fats such as pork or beef, consuming these sparingly. Even if you are a certain type of vegetarian, there are good protein sources available. Some other sources of protein include poultry, turkey, fish, eggs, and dairy products. These proteins are healthy when they are low in fat. Although some fats are not good for you, there are also healthy fats that you should consume. These come in different forms including mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fats. These can come from sources such as nuts, fish, avocado, and different oils. These types of fats and proteins are healthy and will help you in losing weight naturally.

When using different types of oils though, you should read the label and make sure that it does not go through a process called partial or total hydrogenation. This process is where hydrogen is added. This makes it more of a saturated fat, which only means that the fat is saturated with hydrogen. This is only a general list of different foods that are healthy concerning both fats and proteins.



Also, another main concern when following a healthy eating plan and losing weight naturally is that you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals. This means having enough vegetables and green substances such as spinach and lettuce, and fruits. Although these foods do have vitamins in them, it may still be a good idea to take a vitamin supplement. When you are consuming more meals throughout the day, it may also help if you are able to prepare your meals ahead of time. Although this process may take time, it will help you stay on a good diet, eating healthier meals as opposed to consuming fast food.

Just to review, factors concerning losing weight naturally without depriving yourself of foods that you enjoy include: Consuming healthy fats, carbs, and proteins, staying away from simple sugars, using less processed foods, staying on a set eating and activity schedule, consuming smaller meals throughout the day, using good supplements concerning proteins, and fixing meals ahead of time. Overall, these are only some variables of eating and following a good nutrition plan. If you are able to start these habits concerning your nutritional plan, along with a routine for activity or working out, you should be able in losing weight naturally without having to pay for some magic weight loss pill.